Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 29, 2012

29th June [1847 and 1858]

After a few days respite at Hana, Mary Brewster’s group continues their site-seeing tour about Maui; final destination is Haleakala. Once again, Mary wrote pages and pages (three 8 x 11 printed pages) in her journal just for today’s entry, so I will provide a summary and a few excerpts. “TUESDAY JUNE 29th: We had a very early breakfast and were all ready to start when it commenced raining and weather thick and cloudy. All thought we were to have unpleasant weather through the day — the rain was soon over — and bidding farewell to the good people of Hana with whom I had become well acquainted and had enjoyed myself with — bid them goodbye for ever as I never expected to see them again and started — the day was exceedingly fine the road even and good to some extent….take the north road….to make a circuit of the Island….We rode on til 12…”

* Here they rested and enjoyed a lunch of pies, bread and butter, a good draught made of the pure water flowing near their picnicking location

* Nearby was a small settlement of about a hundred natives, who thought the foreign visitors were “objects of curiosity”. Dr. made a short speech, was cordial and was greeted by native cheering; “the woods echo with their cheerful voices”….a small number of natives followed the party as they left to continue their journey.

* For the next several hours, the party continues on their journey ascending some 200 feet of stony slippery roads because of three days of rain, passing many steep [cliffs] precipice, with one area had water running down from the top.  The children were carried in the arms of natives. As they rounded a sharp bend, Mary’s horse slipped but did not fall. Her friend, Mrs. Winslow was not as fortunate, her horse also slipped and fell and couldn’t regain his footing. Several men in the party, as well as several natives, tried to rescue Mrs. Winslow; “Her head and shoulders was [dangling] over the precipice, her feet entangled, she could not get them out and one more plunge of the horse would throw her off the precipice, 300 feet below….but blessed be God we were preserved — fortunately doctor got hold of her dress and held it with all his strength and by some means got her feet and clothes disengaged from the stirrup so when the horse got up she was clear of him….”   Fortunately, Mrs. Winslow was not hurt, but horrified by her brush with death. Soon after, another member of the party also fell because his horse slipped, too. He was also okay but shaken.

*They rode a short distance and finally reached the top of the mountain: “Oh happy moment was this. Tired faint and weary, we sat down on the edge of the mountain, the path looking down to the sea — a fall here would have pitched us several hundred feet into its blue depths….”

* After resting for a short time, the small group continued, “stepping nimbly”. Finally after a trying, terrifying day, the group pushed on and reached Wailua: “…and just as the sun was setting was setting we were down in the valley….at dark we reached Wailua and stopped at a good looking native house.”

* Mats we spread in preparation for sleep and a fire was started, “…a good dish of tea was served to revive us — which with cold roast turkey and bread with milk, we made a fine supper….” By 9 “…we were laid away for the night in comfortable manner with thankful hearts to God for His preserving and watchful care — ”

Mary Lawrence, [Tues.] JUNE 29 [1858]: “Had a nice washing day, for which I have been waiting for over a week. Five ships in sight, also land.”

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries between June 27-29, 1860.


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