Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 27, 2012

27th June [1847 and 1858]

Mary Brewster, SUNDAY [June] 27th [1847]: “No change today save staying in the house. The forenoon I spent alone whilst the family went to native meeting. Employed myself in reading and writing. This afternoon Mrs. Whittlesey had a meeting with her children. I remained in my room preferring to read myself to hearing a sermon read. This evening attended meeting to Mr. Conde’s, the children all up and soon fast asleep, a spirit of fault finding took possession of my mind as soon as they begun to nod, I thought they would be much better off abed. Mr. W. read a short sermon which with prayer and singing closed the services at an early hour. Miss Ogden set by me and kept constantly nodding so she could not have understood a word hardly. I could not forbear asking her how she liked the sermon — she replied she was very much interested. It must have been at the close when Amen was uttered. Before going I asked Mr. Whittlesey if he read to give us a short sermon — which made quite laugh — they say I am a droll subject and I have no wish to sail under false colors whilst here or at any place, but really be what I appear to be which I call true sincerity.”

Mary Lawrence [Sun.] JUNE 27 [1858]: “Foggy still. Three ships in sight.”

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries between June 27-29, 1860.


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