Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 26, 2012

June 26 [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [June] 26th [1847]: “Busy this morning in fixing our clothes. Here we are nearly ready to start and have not got our clothes yet. Miss Ogden in Mrs. Conde’s dresses and the children in the little Conde’s frocks. Doctor borrowing as occasion requires, my shoes so loose I could not keep them on, have changed with Miss Ogden, she being provided with a pair which was too tight. I have 3 dresses with plenty of stockings and make out very well. Not so with my companion, she had not a change, only she as borrows. This afternoon we have all been out to ride some 7 miles or so returned just at sunset. The evening Mrs. Whittlesey has read us a romantic story which our friend pronounced very good, who would think a woman of 50 would feel interested in love stories, when she pretends she prefers a single state of blessedness and occupies the same from choice –“

Mary Lawrence, [Fri.] JUNE 25 [1858]: “Captains Barber and Brownson came on board and passed the day with us. Captain Barber brought me a box of figs and a bag of raisins, and Captain Brownson brought me two jars of preserves. We also procured two late [news]papers from them, a New Bedford paper of February 5 and a New York paper of March 6. We have more favorable news in regard to times than when we left the Islands. The bone which we sent home by the John Land had arrived safely, but no sales for bone. Oil had advanced in prices. Ours had not then arrived per Harriet and Jessie. I trembled when I took up the New Bedford paper and read the record or deaths, but I found no dear name to me therein recorded. A thick fog still prevails and appears likely to continue for several days yet to come. Neither of the ships have taken anything this season.”

Eliza Williams, [Tues.] June 26th [1860]: “It has been foggy more or less all day until almost night, when it cleared up quite fine and we could see the land, and Island called Olskei. It is in the passage to Yausk Bay. We are going in there. The mainland is about 30 miles off but not in sight yet. it is the Russian Continent. Have had a little shower of rain since the fog cleared away. On deck they have been mending the Fly Jib and setting a Main T Gallant Stay Sail. The second Mate has been making a Gaff Top Sail for his boat. The Third Mate has been enlarging his boat sail. They are getting everything ready for whaling in the Bays.”


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