Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 13, 2012

13th June [1847 and 1858]

Mary Brewster, [Sun.] JUNE 13 [1847]: “Attended the chapel this morning. Mr. Andrews from Molokai, he is considered  a very useful man by the missionaries but far from being a passable preacher. I seldom hear a sermon however poor but what some part will do to practice. Lizzy has been sick all day and is no better tonight. Simon set out this afternoon with the horses to go over the mountain tonight and Tuesday be ready to meet us as we take a canoe round instead of riding.”

Mary Lawrence, [Sun.] JUNE 13 [1847]: “The fog has left us, but it is cloudy. We are near the ice to the eastward of Thaddeus. Eight ships in sight. Passed a clipper bark this morning. Yesterday I had a severe attack of sick headache, which lasted me through the day. I was never troubled with that complaint until quite recently, and I find it anything but pleasant. I lay it to drinking chocolate in the morning and am resolved to give it up for the present to see what effect it will have.   Afternoon. We have had some rain since morning and quite a strong breeze. Spoke the Omega, of Fairhaven. Captain Whalon came on board. He has left his wife at Hilo this season in company with eight captains’ ladies. I suppose they intend having a nice time, but accompanied Samuel that my little family might be an unbroken one, and nothing but sickness will cause me to change my views.”

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries from June 5-13, 1860.


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