Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | May 30, 2012

30th May [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Whaling wifeMary Brewster, SUNDAY [May] 30th [1847]: “Went to chapel this morning; felt dissatisfied with the sermon and singing which was anything but good. Mr. Baldwin’s son played the accordion with such precision that I wished the notebook would fall over so the squeaking would end. Mr. Forbes’ son played the flute I conclude as he had it blowing into it but it made no discord as I heard no sound from that quarter and should not have known that there was one in the chapel if I had not seen it.  This afternoon I have read and slept occasionally. Latter part of the afternoon we all took a walk to the native church and back again. Dr. W. intends starting at 2 in the morning for Wailuku; he needs recreation and will stop a couple of days. Charley goes with him. So ends this day with the reflection it cannot be respected. I do long to get home more on this day than any other, and think I could enjoy good singing and preaching and prize the same when in a land of civilization and Christianity.

Mary Lawrence, [Sun.] MAY 30 [1858]: “A thick fog. The horns were going through the morning quite merrily from the ships around us. Afternoon cleared up. Samuel went on board the Bremen brig Antilla thinking we might obtain some late papers from the Islands, but she left about the time that we did. As they were all Dutch on board, he made rather a formal call. Fifteen ships in sight.”

Eliza Williams, [Thurs.] May 30th [1860]: “We have had a warm, pleasant day. Have started the tryworks. There are plenty of Humpbacks and Porpoises about. The Men caught a porpoise. We have stood in close to the land and so near White Rock that I had a nice view of it. It is a bare rock, not a spear of vegetation on it, and is white. It has been washed by the Sea and bleached by the Sun for centuries — a large rock with a number of small ones around it. There are thousands of Birds on it, and Capt. Whalon went on shore there a short time ago and got about 40 dozen birds eggs. They are very good. I had a little start in the night about the rock. The Second Mate came down about 12 O’clock and told us that the Rock was quite near.  My Husband went on deck, and they wore around, but when he came down he said that there was no danger. It was not quite so near as Mr. Montros had thought at first.”


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