Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | May 16, 2012

16th May [1847 and 1858]

Mary Brewster, SUNDAY MAY 16th [1847]: “No meeting to the chapel today as Mr. Forbes has not returned from Oahu. I shall feel very glad at his return. The sabbath seems long when obliged to stop at home — Have read most of the time and tried to reflect on the past. Towards night we took a walk. Capt. Potter Clark and Mr. Hubbard the consular agent were all here to tea and spent the evening, it passed rather pleasantly, anything for a change in this country.”

Mary Lawrence, [Sun.] MAY 16 [1858]: “We are again in the ice. There are quite large pieces floating about and long pieces of field ice that has not been broken up; but they say there is but very little depth to it for this season of the year, and everything so far indicates a mild season.  We have learned of no one as yet getting a whale, although Captain Lowen reported that one of the french ships had seen two. I hear that the Speedwell is around us. Hope we may be so fortunate as to fall in with her occasionally. Six ships in sight this noon; the Milo close by us. About six o’clock a real bowhead was raised [spotted], and three of our boats beside several from other ships went in pursuit of him, but he went under the ice and disappeared. The sight of the creature pleased them wonderfully, even if he was not to be taken.”

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries from May 15-24, 1860.


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