Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | May 13, 2012

May 13 [1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster did not make a journal entry for this date in 1847.

Mary Lawrence, [Thurs.] MAY 13 [1858]: This morning found ourselves near the Champion again. The wind blew quite a gale last night, and it it thick and foggy today.”

Eliza Williams, [Sun.] May 13th [1860]: “We raised a Ship just before noon, right ahead, and just before night we saw another. We ran off and spoke one — the Chandler Price, Capt. Holcomb. The other Ship is the Levi Starbuck, Capt. Jernegan. The two captains were gamming together. My Husband has been aboard the Chandler Price to have a gam with them. They have bot done very well this season. Capt. H. has taken two Whales. He had the bad luck to sink the other day. The other ship has but one Whale. Capt. H. has been to Nangasaki. He likes the place much better than Hakodadi. He says the the Vesper, Capt. Bailey, and the Russian Bark Amore, Capt. Finton, came in collision in the night a short time ago, doing a great deal of damage to the Amore, and she had to put back into Nangasaki for repairs. Capt. Finton jumped overboard that night and was drowned. We did not learn the reason. I think that is very sad.”


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