Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | May 10, 2012

10th May [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, MONDAY MAY 10th [1847]: “Mrs. Baldwin and family have passed the afternoon here. I think her very interesting and like her much. The contrast is great here to what it is at home when one visit. Here there is nothing to talk about save when some new one arrives or something new occurs with the inhabitants. At home we have everything to take up our minds and attentions and sufficient topics for our conversational powers — Here there is no change from one year to another. The missionaries are old settlers and some are rigid in their views and degenerating. This is no place for improvement. The climate is very debilitating and one cannot apply their minds to study and investigation without feeling the labour too much for their strength. Then the natives cannot comprehend a deep or eloquent discourse and it would be folly to attempt it. A plain exhortation with a few historical truths taken from the Bible they can understand and appreciate, whilst a week’s labor on a discourse would be thrown away and to these Hawaiians lost.”

Mary Lawrence, [Wed.] MAY 10 [1858]: “In the afternoon Captain Coffin came on board. Went near enough Saturday to one of the ships so that he could read her name, which he found to be the Majestic, just from home.”

Eliza Williams, [Thurs.] May 10th [1860]: “It has been a beautiful day, quite calm. There are 3 ships in sight. The land is all about us. It is the Coast of Tartary. We want to go to Broughton Bay. A good many Whales have been seen in there about this time of the year. It is some miles ahead and we have no wind to go in. We have seen a few Finbacks today.”


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