Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | May 2, 2012

2nd May [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, SUNDAY MAY 2nd [1847]: “The weather has been stormy at intervals through the day, which has given a variety of rain and sunshine. I have written several letters to send home. Read but very little in the best of books and my thoughts have been– constantly roaming to the north-west thinking perhaps it was cold and stormy and my husband might be exposed to danger — perhaps sick and though widely separated I have felt our feelings and thoughts were centered together. I have felt particularly lonesome and rather unreconciled to this separation. I will try and think of my husband’s good welfare, praying that God would once more suffer us to meet and whilst absent keep him from evil and every danger, hoping it may result in our good thus to part.”

Mary Lawrence, [Sun.] MAY 2 [1858]: “Cold with rain and snow, and hail. Considerable ice made on deck last night, and this morning Minnie had a fine time getting ice and making snowballs. Minnie’s Frizzle has departed this life. Probably the change of climate was too much for her. Have seen a few finbacks today, which is thought to be very good sign.”

Eliza Williams, [Wed.] May 2nd [1860]: “It has been a fine day. Have finished boiling [whale blubber into oil]. The Whale made a 140 bbls. [barrels; equivalent to about 4,410 gallons] Capt. Randolph has sent for his part of the Oil and got it on board, and now we shall separate again.”


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