Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | April 24, 2012

24th April [1847 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, FRIDAY [April] 24th [1847]: “Mr. Forbes and family with Capt. Gelett and lady have passed the day here; came about 1/2 past 12, and left at 8 this evening. Had quite a comfortable visit with them. I think Mrs. Gelett rather interesting and more sociable as we become acquainted. After they left we went over there to get a notebook. They were just at a family worship.  We stopped as long as politeness would dictate. Mr. Forbes and Capt. Gelett waited upon us back, came in and had a long sing which was more to me than all this day’s enjoyments.”

Mary Lawrence did not make a journal entry for this date in 1858.

Eliza Williams, [Tues.] April 24th [1860]: “It was a delightful morning and so has continued through the day. I went to washing this morning and thought to hurry and get through early to go gamming with Mrs. Randolph. I was about half way through when my Husband came and told me that there was a Ship in sight that he took to be the Harvest and I would likely see Mrs. Manchester. She was soon near enough to speak [signal], and it was the Harvest. I out by my washing and prepared to meet Mrs. Manchester on the Florida, but it was agreed that the Ladies should meet on board the Harvest, and so we did. I got aboard but a few minutes before Mrs. R. She looked smarter than the day before and said she felt a good deal better. She thought it did her good to see company. I found my friend, Mrs. M., quite well, but they were all feeling bad about a death they had had on board. They had a foremast hand, sick with some throat disease for some time. They did everything they could for him, but he kept getting worse and died. He was buried in the deep Sunday. He belonged in the same place that Mrs. M. did. It cast a gloom over them all. We spent the day very pleasantly and left for our Ocean Homes about dark. It is a delightful evening.  Capt. M. has taken 75 bbls. of Sperm Oil since he left the Bay of Islands. He got a nice Right Whale in the Eastern Sea and got it to the Ship but had the misfortune to sink it alongside. Capt. Randolph has got no Oil since he left the Islands.”


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