Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | April 22, 2012

22nd April 1847

Mary Brewster, THURSDAY APRIL 22nd [1847]: “The last two days I have been up to Lahaian-luna. Tuesday morning Mr. Hunt came down before breakfast with a horse and I accompanied him to his house. Mrs. Hunt was away on a visit. I missed her very much. Mrs. Ives was keeping house whilst Mrs. H. was absent — I spent the day very pleasantly with her. At dark went over to Mr. Alexander’s where I stopped the night and passed the day. Early in the morning Mrs. Baldwin and family came and intended staying a couple of days. Mr. Alexander and Baldwin were at Honolulu, Mrs. Hunt at Hana and my husband also away, four widows all together, Mr. Hunt was constantly saying — I passed the day very agreeably and at dark alighted st the Doctor’s. Capt. Hall was here and took tea. At 8 o’clock he left and we went over to Mrs. Forbes to see Mrs. Gelett who I found sitting up very prim ready to receive us. She is pretty and said but little; has been seasick most of the time and did not enjoy being at sea.* Thus ends this evening.”

* NOTE: “Jane Gelett was horrendously seasick. ‘She was really so sick that I feared she would not live to reach Fayal [in the Azores],’ wrote her husband; Charles W. Gelett, A Life on the Ocean (Honolulu: Hawaiian Gazette Co, Ltd., 1917, pg 51). However, with true Yankee grit and courage, he carried her on, around the horn and into the Pacific, and despite constant nausea she nursed seven men who contracted typhoid, losing but one of her patients, and even found time to pen poetry.” (Joan Druett’s, She Was a Sister Sailor, page 221, footnote 15).

Mary Lawrence did not make a journal entry for this date in 1858.

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries from April 18-22, 1860.


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