Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | March 20, 2012

March 20 [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [Mar.] 20th [1847]: “Rough unpleasant weather. I have been busy seeing to my rooms which I have cleaned and am once more settled. I have a thorough cleaning every Saturday which keeps me usually clean. Closes squally and more rugged than I have seen it since being out.   LAT. 21.41   LONG. 150.11; by Lunar [Distancing Method of observation-a form of navigation] 149.49.”

Mary Lawrence, [Sat.] MARCH 20 [1858]: “Mrs. Andrews and children came up to the house today for the first time. She appears like a very interesting woman. She formerly belonged to Nantucket. We left our kind friends in the afternoon, after bidding an affectionate adieu to our worthy host and family, who leave for the States in about a month.”

Eliza Williams, [Tues.] March 20th [1860]: “It is not very pleasant today; cloudy, raw and cold. But we have had the good luck to find our Whale; not long after daylight they raised him. The waif was plainly to be seen, and he was not far off. They have brought him alongside and made him fast [tied him off], now, and now that we know we have him, I never before saw a handsomer sight. I never had so plain a view of one. He is right side up, just as he was when they struck him — a rare occurence, my Husband says. They generally turn on their backs before they die. There is such a swell on and it heaves the Whale all out of the water so much that I can see the whole shape of him to good advantage. The swell is so bad that they can’t cut [into] him today. There was a brig in sight just after dinner and she ran off to us about three or four miles, thinking we were in distress, but when she saw that we had a whale alongside, she luffed to and stood off. I sat down and wrote part of a letter, all to no purpose, thinking that she was going into some Port and could send it home.”


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