Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | March 12, 2012

12th March [1847 and 1858]

Mary Brewster, FRIDAY [March] 12th [1847]: “Squally weather with fresh trades and a bad swell which makes the ship’s motion very unpleasant.  Have passed a very dull day. Attempted sewing but that would not do. Took up some edging and soon laid that away.Then came a book which I found interesting and amusing. After an hour’s walking on deck I felt better. Think more exercise would be more beneficial.   LONG. 132.35….”

Mary Lawrence, [Thus.] March 12 [1858]: “This morning a schooner arrived with the California mails, bringing us a number of those inky messengers of love and affection from friends far away; one from S.P. Bourne, Celia, and Celia Maria; one from Sarah and a note from Elisabeth Robinson and a note for Minnie from Willie; a letter from brother George from New Bedford; and one from Sandwich from Lizzie. Not a word from Father, Mother, Willie, or Cynthia. I know it is because we were earlier than we intended, but I am extremely sorry. Lizzie wrote that my dear father’s health was poor, but she had seen him much more feeble than he then was. I think much about him and hope and trust that he may yet be spared to his family these many years. Times have been very hard for the last winter at home. Everyone has been more or less affected, but fortunately we knew nothing of it until they were growing brighter. He who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb has kindly given them a mild winter, so that there has not been so much suffering as if the winter had been so severe as for the winters past. I was pained to hear of the death of our neighbor, Mrs. Swift. Her death comes nearer than any that has transpired since leaving home, and it leaves a vacancy that can hardly be filled. She was a kind neighbor and loved and respected by all.  This afternoon I went on board the Addison [for a short visit; they were staying on land with Mr. Gilman] with Minnie and Lizzie Bigelow. We saw the Young Hero, of Nantucket, Captain Long, getting under way, and as we were returning in the boat, she ran into the French whaler Napolean 3rd, slightly damaging the latter and the former to the value of eight or ten thousand dollars, as was judged.”

Eliza Williams made no journal entries for March 12th [Mon.] and 13th [Tues.] for 1860.


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