Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | February 20, 2012

February 20 [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [Feb.] 20th [1847]: “At 10 AM boat came off from the shore bringing us two bullocks, and some of the inhabitants who had been waiting on the beach. Wrote four letters and sewed some — Mr. Burtch & Graham came and passed the evening with us. They said Capt. Bottum had gone in the interior of the country. So we shall not see him again. This is the last day we shall spend here — Tomorrow we make sail for the bay where we anchored first. All things are ready and soon, soon we shall be wending our way to the Sandwich [Hawaiian] Islands where I shall stop till the Tiger takes a trip to the NWest and back.”

Mary Lawrence, [Sat.] FEBRUARY 20 [1858]: “Saw Ua Pu, Nuku Hiva, Hengest’s Rocks, and Robert’s Islands, which is the last we shall see of the Marquesas group. We obtained a considerable fresh [supply of provisions] here: twenty-six hogs, forty fowl, two thousand cocoanuts for the hogs to feed on, plenty of bananas and plantains, breadfruit, papayas, a few pineapples, and a few sweet potatoes. The milk of a young cocoanut is delicious, and Minnie and myself have quite a feast with it.We also obtained a few sour oranges; there were no sweet ones to be found. I hoped to get some limes but was disappointed. Captain Dinman sent me two bottles of lime juice, which was very acceptable, as I do not like to drink clear water now, it is so warm and poor.”

Eliza Williams, [Mon.] February 2oth [1860]: ” It has been a very fine day with a good breeze. Have had all sail out. The latitude is 2,14 today. We are almost to Pleasant Island but don’t think that we will fetch it. There is s strong current here, heading us off, and the wind not quite fair. The Men have been breaking out the after hold for Molasses, and stwoing off agian.”


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