Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | January 11, 2012

January 11 [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, MONDAY [Jan.] 11th [1847]: “Busy in my work which I find plenty of and keeps me mending and making garments. This afternoon I have devoted to writing. Think the Hiberia will start for home and I wish to send a number of letters.”

Mary Lawrence, [Mon.] JANUARY 11 [1858]: “Weather rainy and thick in the forenoon; in the afternoon pleasant. All hands employed in stowing down oil. Stowed down 140 barrels from the two whales.”

Eliza Williams, [Wed.] January 11th [1860]: “It has been a fine day. We have had a good breeze. It is getting cooler and that makes it pleasanter. Some of the Men have been painting about the Ship, and the rest have been busy about various other kinds of work. Mr. Morgan caught a Skipjack this morning. They are a good kind of fish to eat. They are rather dry [but] quite a good-sized fish. I like to see them playing about in the water.”


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