Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | January 10, 2012

10th January [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, SUNDAY [Jan.] 10th [1847]: “Sweet day sacred rest how quickly come and fled. Home has occupied much of my thoughts and I ardently long to be where I can enjoy the privilege of meeting with the dear church in Stonington with some good religious assembly and to be where the Sabbath is respected and also to be situated so that my dear husband can have one day during the week if no more that his mind can be easy and free from labor. At 8 boat returned with a whale.”

Mary Lawrence, [Sun.] JANUARY 10 [1858]: “The wind died away during the night to nearly a calm. Fine weather this morning. The ship still in sight. Fine weather during the day. Spoke the ship after tea, which proved to be the Japan, Captain Diman. Did not gam [visit; socialize]. He had been chasing the whales this afternoon without success. He has  taken two whales since leaving the [Sandwich or Hawaiian] Islands. About sunset commenced raining and blowing a gale.”

Eliza Williams [Tues.] January 10th [1860]: “We have had a very fine day and a good breeze a part of the day. We had quite an excitement this morning before breakfast, trying to get a Black fish. There were several about, one quite large one. All the boats were in pursuit, but did not get one. This is Henry’s birthday [An older son and middle son; left at home with relatives]. He is 5 years old. I hope the little fellow has enjoyed himself today with his Grand Pa, Grand Ma and Brother Stancel.”


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