Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 31, 2011

December 31 [1846 and 1859]

Mary Brewster, THURSDAY [Dec.] 31st [1846]: “The ship came up and anchored astern of us proved to be the Catherine of New London [CT] the master a brother of Capt. Smith’s 70 days from the Sandwich Islands.  The boats from different ships have all been off whaling. Two of the ships got one [whale] each. We man 4 boats which takes all on board save brother James who is both cooper and carpenter, the cook and Steward and cabin boy. Husband and self are quite alone and we enjoy it much and anticipate much pleasure whilst the fish are catching. The boats start before light so to be up there where the whales are early enough to get fast before they leave in the morning. They take their dinner with them and stop towards night before they return. These whales frequent the bay once a year [Dec. to Mar.] ….When dead they tow the whale to the ship which always remains at anchor.”

Mary Lawrence did not make a journal entry for this date in 1857.

Eliza Williams, [Sun.] December 31st [1859]: “This is the last day of the year. Another year has rolled swiftly away, another year is taken from our alloted time here on earth, and well may we look back and reflect how we have spent that time that is passed never to be recalled. It is a serious thought.”


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