Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 28, 2011

28th December [1846 and 1857]

Mary Brewster, MONDAY [Dec.] 28th [1846]: “Arose early this morning and have sewed steadily till 4 this afternoon. Capt. Mallory on board to tea and passed the evening. He is lively and usually sociable and good company.”

Mary Lawrence, [Mon.] DECEMBER 28 [1857]: “Saw whales just before breakfast; immediately after breakfast lowered the boats. Mr. Nickerson’s boat soon got fast to one [whale], when he capsized the boat and precipitated them all in the water. Mr. St. John with the waist boat immediately went to their rescue, but before he reached them, one poor fellow had found a watery grave. He said he could not swim, so Mr. Nickerson gave him an oar that he might keep himself up, but we think he must have had the cramp and let go his hold on the oar.  Poor Antone! He came out as one of the Cabin boys and lived in the cabin for a year and then at his own request went to live in the forecastle. He was anxious to go out in a boat after whales. He was a smart active boy of eighteen years, and I had become quite attached to him. Only the week before I had proposed to Samuel that we should take him home with us and give him the benefit of a little education. That was a sad day for us, Antone, when thous wast summoned into the mysteries of the unseen world without a moment’s warning. May God in his infinite goodness have mercy on his soul. In the afternoon saw whales again, lowered the boats, and Mr. Chappell struck one which they soon killed. Commenced cutting in about half-past three; finished at 11 p.m. The sad events of the day had made me almost sick, so I took a cup of tea by myself and went early to bed.”

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries between Dec. 26-30, 1859.


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