Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 18, 2011

18th December [1846 and 1857]

Mary Brewster, FRIDAY [Dec.] 18th [1846]: “Mr. B. on the Island a part of the day. He told his men if they were tired to come on board. I have been busy all day with sewing knitting and reading. Capt. Mallory and Bottum took tea and spent the evening with us.”

Mary Lawrence, [Fri.] DECEMBER 18 [1857]: “As the wind was fair this morning and Samuel had become nearly discouraged looking for sperm whales and finding none, we started for the south, right whaling. I was disappointed, for I wanted to get in with the sperm whale fleet, hoping that we might see the Commodore Morris. We may perhaps see sperm whalers on our way south. The goats we procured at the islands are very good eating. The taste resembles very much that of mutton. Had it stewed, boiled, and fried, and a very nice hash made, as we have of sheep’s heads, of the head and haslet. For the last few days have had very pleasant weather; shall have it more rugged as we proceed south.”

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries between Dec. 14-18, 1859.


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