Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 14, 2011

The Christms Gift – Part V

Part V of (IX): THE CHRISTMAS GIFT by Horatio Alger, Jr.

“…. On Maple Street.”

“O, that is not far off. I will myself show you the way, if you will remain a few minutes longer.” Mr. Dinsmoor rang the bell, and ordered a plate of cake and apples, as he conjectured they would not be unacceptable to his little visitor.

Meanwhile Lizzie crept to her mother’s side and whispered: “Willie is poor, isn’t he?”

“Yes. What makes you ask?”

“I thought he must be, because his clothes look so thin and patched. Don’t you think he would like a Christmas present, Mother”?

“Yes, my darling. Have you anything to give him?”

“I thought, mother, perhaps you would let me give him my five dollar gold-piece. I think that would be better than any playthings. May I give it?”

“Yes, my child, if you are really willing. But are you quite sure that you would not regret it afterwards?”

“Yes, mother, ” Lizzie ran lightly to the little box where she kept her treasure and brought it forth and placed it in Willie’s hand. “That is your Christmas present, ” said she, gaily.

Willie looked in surprise. “Do you mean iy for me?” he asked, in a half-bewildered tone.

“Yes, if you like it.”

“I thank you very much for your kindness,” said Willie, earnestly, “and I will always remember it.”

There was something in the boy’s earnest tone which Lizzie felt was an ample recompense for the little sacrifice she had made….

(To be continued Dec. 17, 2011)


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