Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 14, 2011

14th December 1846

Mary Brewster, MONDAY DECEMBER 14th [1846]: “Before sunrise I was up and dressed, took my breakfast, and when the sun was just I was in the boat which was pulling for Marguerita Island where we landed in just one hour and a half after leaving the ship. We walked immediately up to the place where they were mining some half mile or so.  Here we found the different companies to work. Capt. Mallory’s and ours had run out their place and was some distance from the other firm. They were very busy in drilling a rock in hopes to find some of the desirable gain. We thought they all were weary in the cause but said nothing. From there we walked to the place where the tents were pitched which was situated in a gully between the mountains and extended a mile or so up. Here was the cooks with their utensils and busy clearing away the morning meal. I entered our tent and such a looking place blankets, pillows, and dishes, kettles, pots, chests, provisions, pumpkin, potatoes all mixed up together and dirt and grease in profusion. Whilst here we heard Capt. Bottum’s gang had found some of the mineral some quarter of a mile up the gully and we concluded we would walk up and look at them. They had just blasted a rock and were breaking it up in small pieces….I set up on the ridge which commanded a view of the whole proceedings. No poor mortals every worked with half the evident satisfaction as they did….wished to see the places called at Smith’s & Jeffry’s….pieces of stone of all sizes full of the glittering substance was laying in the ground. A gang of men were there putting it in bags and backing it all a quarter of a mile to a beach. The day was very warm and when we got to where our boat was we were very tired and weary. I saw poor fellows who had got down to their boats with their stone looking completely tired out and stretched their length on the beach waiting for a breeze so to sail to the ship. As it was getting late we did not wait for the sea breeze but got into the boat and by three o’clock we were on board of the ship, pleased and amused with the work on the desolate rugged and barren island.”

Mary Lawrence did not make a journal entry on Dec. 19, 20, 1857.

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries between Dec. 14-18, 1859.


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