Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 11, 2011

December 11 [1846, 1857 and 1859]

Mary Brewster, FRIDAY [Dec.] 11th [1846]: “I have been busy all day and have made a muslin dress and tried it on. It sets finely and Mr. B. is very much pleased with it as it was his choice when purchased – I have no lonesome feelings as there is sufficient business going on to make me merry.   Husband has been over on the Island today; reports the supposed gold gone where they were digging. Said they looked tired of their new occupation. He told them any time they wished to come to the ship not to stop, he could find enough to keep them busy on board.

Martha Brown’s journal entries ended on Nov. 11, 1848, when she was reunited with her husband who finally returned to Hawaii after being about six weeks overdue.

Mary Lawrence [Fri.] December 11 [1857]: “Saved our goat’s milk last night, and this morning took some of our bird’s eggs which we procured from shore and made a real homelike Indian pudding. Those eggs, I think, are nearly equal to hen’s eggs. They are speckled’; the yolks are about the size but much higher colored. About teatime a sail was raised from the masthead, the first we have seen since leaving the [Hawaiian] Islands.”

Eliza Williams, [Sun.] December 11th [1859]: “We left Assention this morning. The Pilot came aboard yesterday to take us out, but he was intoxicated and my Husband did not think it safe to have him. Today he got out without a Pilot. We sent boats ashore to a small Island belonging to Assention, and got them full of Cocoanuts. The King told us to go there and get all that we had a mind to. We are now going direct to New Zealand and are in hopes to get some Sperm Oil on the way there.”


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