Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 10, 2011

The Christmas Gift – Part IV

Part IV of (IX): THE CHRISTMAS GIFT by Horatio Alger, Jr.

….”My name is Willie — Willie Grant,” was the boy’s reply.

“Then, Willie Grant, this is Miss Lizzie Dinsmoor, who is, I am sure, glad to see you, since it was at her request that I invited you to enter.”

Willie raised his eyes timidly, and bent them for a moment on the singularly beautiful child, who had come forward and frankly placed her hand in his.

There is something irresistible in the witchery of beauty, and Willie felt a warm crimsoning his cheeks, as, for a moment, forgetful of everything else, he bent his eyes earnestly upon Lizzie. Then another feeling came over him, and with a look of sham eat his scanty and ill-fitting garments, he dropped her hand, and involuntarily shrank back, as if seeking to screen them from sight.

Perceiving the movement, and guessing its cause, Mr. Dinsmoor, with a view to dissipate these feelings, led forward Harry and Charlie, the younger boys, and told them to make acquaintance with Willie. With loud shouts of delight they displayed the various gifts which St. Nicholas had brought them and challenged his admiration.

Everything was new to Willie. His childhood had not been smiled upon by fortune, and costly toys which the boys exhibited elicited quite as much admiration as they could desire. Occupied in this way, his constraint gratefully wore off to such a degree that he assisted Charlie and Harry in trying their new toys.

Soon, however, the recollection that it was growing late, and that he had yet to find his way home, came to him, and taking his old hat he said to Mr. Dinsmoor, in an embarrassed manner: “My mother will be expecting me home, and I should already have been there but that I lost my way, and happened to look in at your window, and were so kind as to let me come in — “

“Where does your mother live, my little fellow?” asked Mr. Dinsmoor….

(To be continued Dec. 14, 2011)


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