Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 7, 2011

The Christmas Gift – Part III

Part III of (IX): THE CHRISTMAS GIFT by Horatio Alger, Jr.

 ….”Very well and kindly thought of, my little girl,” said Mr. Dinsmoor, placing his hand for a moment upon her clustering looks. “I will follow your suggestion, but I must do it carefully, or he may be frightened and run away before he knows what are our intentions.”  So speaking, Mr. Dinsmoor moved cautiously to the front door and opened it suddenly. The boy, startled by the sound, turned towards Mr. Dinsmoor with a frightened air, as if fearing that he would be suspected of some improper motive.

“Indeed, sir,” said he earnestly, “I didn’t mean any harm, but it looked so bright and cheerful inside that I couldn’t help looking in.”

“You have done nothing wrong, my boy,” said Mr. Dinsmoor, kindly. “But you must be cold here; come in, and you will have a chance to see more comfortably than you do now.”

The boy looked a little doubtful, for to him, neglected as he had been by the rich and prosperous all his life, it was very difficult to imagine that he was actually invited to enter the imposing mansion before him as a guest. Perhaps Mr. Dinsmoor divined his doubts, for he continued, “Come, you must not refuse the invitation. There are some little people inside who would be very much disappointed if you should, since it was they who commissioned me to invite.”

“I am sure, sir, I am very much obliged both to them and to you,” said the boy, gratefully, advancing towards Mr. Dinsmoor, of whom he had lost whatever little distrust he had at first felt. A moment afterwards and the boy stepped within the spacious parlor. To him, whose home offered no attractions and few comforts, the scene which spread before him might well seem a scene of enchantment.

“Lizzie,” said Mr. Dinsmoor, “come forward and welcome your guest. I would introduce him to you, but unluckily I do not know his name….”

(To be continued Dec. 10, 2011)


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