Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 1, 2011

The Christmas Gift – Part I

Part I of (IX): THE CHRISTMAS GIFT by Horatio Alger, Jr.




Heavily, heavily fell the snow, covering the dark brown earth already hardened by the frost, with a pure white covering. As the rain falls alike upon the just and upon the unjust, so too the snow, God’s kindred messenger, knows no distinction of persons, visiting all alike, forgetting none, and passing none.

In one of the principal streets of New York stood a boy of some twelve years. His clothing was poor, and too scanty to afford a sufficient protection against the inclemency of the season. Through the visor of his cap, which had become detached in the middle, having a connection only at the two extremities, might be seen his rich brown hair. Notwithstanding the drawback of his coarse and ill-fitting attire, it was evident that he possessed a more than ordinary share of boyish beauty. But just as present his brow is overcast with a shade of anxiety, and his frame trembles with the cold, from which he is so insufficiently shielded.

It is a handsome street, that in which he is standing. On either side he beholds the residences of those on whom fortune has showered her favors. Bright lights gleam from the parlor windows, and shouts of mirth and laughter ring out upon the night.

All is joy and brightness within those palace-homes. The snow-flakes fall idly against the window panes. They cannot chill the hearts within, nor place a bar upon their enjoyment, for this is Christmas eve, long-awaited. At length arrived Christmas eve, around which so many youthful anticipations cluster, has enjoyments peculiarly its own, over which the elements, however boisterous, have no control. Yet to some, Christmas eve brings more sorrow than enjoyment, serving only to heighten the contrast between present poverty and discomfort and past affluence….

(To be continued December 3, 2011).

Scheduled postings of installments:

 Dec. 1 – Part I (1)

 Dec. 3 – Part II (2)

 Dec. 7 – Part III (3)

 Dec. 10 – Part IV (4)

 Dec. 14 – Part V (5)

 Dec. 17 – Part VI (6)

 Dec. 20 – Part VII (7)

 Dec. 23 – Part VIII (8)

 Dec. 24 – Part IX (9)


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