Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | November 27, 2011

November 27 [1846, 1857 and 1859]

Mary Brewster, FRIDAY [Nov.] 27 [1846]: “Arose at 1/2 past 6 this morning and took my breakfast alone. The rest all eat by light and as I have nothing to keep or call me up I prefer to wait. At 7, husband took a boat and went clamming, did not get back till 3. I had waited and we took dinner together. For amusement fished from my window and caught two. Had supper at 1/2 past 6. Read till 8 then walked the deck. The moon shining very bright. Fish all about us jumping in the water. One of the boatsteerers caught a pail from the gangway. If we are not in the land of plenty surely we are in the midst thereof –“

Martha Brown’s journal entries ended on Nov. 11, 1848, when she was reunited with her husband who finally returned to Hawaii after approximately six weeks overdue.

Mary Lawrence, [Fri.] NOVEMBER 27 [1857]: “I have kept an account of the miles we have sailed since we left home. Up to the twenty-fifth November, one year out, we have sailed 36,985 miles [equivalent to approximately one and a half times around the globe at the equator]. For the last twenty-four hours we have had a fine breeze, which has borne us 200 miles. We are now in cooler weather again, which I like much better than the warm weather we have on the line [equator].”

Eliza Williams, [Sun.] November 27th [1859]: “It is the Sabbath and it has been a very quiet day. Almost calm this morning, but a nice breeze this afternoon. We expect to see Wellington Island [off the southern Chile coast; LAT. 49.20 S and LONG. 74.40 W] in the morning. We will stop one day. It is so warm that we can’t take much comfort. For my part, I liked the cold weather in the Okhotsk Sea a good deal better than this.”


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