Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | November 18, 2011

18th November [1846 and 1857]

Mary Brewster, WEDNESDAY [Nov.] 18th [1846]: “Slept but little during the night. Mr. Brewster was up several times knowing we were near land and felt fearful we might get ashore. Towards morning I was awake and thought I heard breakers and was about to wake husband up and tell him my fears when Mr. Ashby came below and rapped to our door and said he thought we were near the shore. Husband went immediately on deck and luffed off shore until daylight. Said in 15 moments we should have been in the breakers. When it was light enough to see our position accurately as there was not allowance enough made and the course we were steering would have carried us onto the point of land — At light filled away with good weather grateful for this escape. At 4 the boats went into a little bay to see what could be seen. Returned in an hour with the report which was thus: humpback turtles, birds, and fish were plenty. Thus ends this expedition with a delightful evening. The ship laying off and St. Marguerita Bay at which place tomorrow I hope we shall be safely anchored.   LAT. 24.48.”

Martha Brown’s journal entries ended on Nov. 11, 1848, when she was reunited with her husband who finally returned to Hawaii after being about six weeks overdue.

Mary Lawrence, [Wed.] NOVEMBER 18 [1857]: “We are having very warm weather, but as there is quite a breeze, we manage to keep comfortable. While we were in port, my bedroom was enlarged, and now I do not think there is a lady on this cruising ground who has a larger and better room than I have. Crossed the line [the equator] today for the third time in my voyage.

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries between Nov. 17-25, 1859.


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