Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | November 12, 2011

12th November 1859

Mary Brewster (1846), Martha Brown (1848), and Mary Lawrence (1857) did not make journal entries for this date.

Eliza Williams, [Sat.] November 12th [1859]: “I have to record a bad accident today, but we are in hopes that it will not prove a serious one.   This morning, just as we were arising, a Man fell from the main top gallant yard. The halyards parted and jerked him off from the yard. He caught somewhere, coming down, which broke the fall, but he came down again and struck on the waist boat across the oars which was well for him, because the oars yielded to him and made him fall a good deal lighter. If he had fallen on the deck or had struck most anything else in coming down, I am sure it would have killed him. As it is, hurt him badly, but we hope not seriously. We think there are no bones broken, only bruised. It frightens me much. He is a Portuguese and belongs to Brava.”

The real me

A message from the author of this blog: It has been a little more than a year since the initial daily post of this blog made its debut. As November moves toward December, I will of course, continue posting excerpts from the journals of our whaling wives, but there will be additional daily posts, as well. During the holiday season and as last year, I will continue to share images of the season’s celebrations from simpler times long past.  As many of my loyal followers know, I have a passion for America’s Victorian Era. In that spirit, this year, as my gift to you, I will be posting selections of various Christmas literature. The first story, etc, will begin on December 1 — as to specifics of what selections and additional dates, that has yet to be decided….stay tuned for additional information.




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