Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | November 8, 2011

November 8 [1846 and 1848]

Mary Brewster, SUNDAY [Nov.] 8th [1846]: “Light breezes the first and middle part with clear weather. Latter calm and cool. Have read nearly all day and part of the evening. The last hours spent in walking deck. As 9 am writing and husband giving orders for the night.   LAT. 33.41   LONG. 130.12.”

Martha Brown, “Nov. Friday Eve 10 1848: When last I wrote I tried to describe a dream. Tonight if possible, I feel worse than then. I received your letter today baring date May 1 and July 25. I have dwelt much upon the subject since, and some part of your letter showed you were fearful we might not meet again. How can I write it? I should feel as if I had done with earth, or wish to be. But then our Dear children, who would do for them as their parents? If it is the will of God to take you to himself, I desire to be reconciled and think I could submit. But what should I do without you? Oh, Oh, Oh I will not dwell upon it longer, but offer up a fervent petition that God will protect you and return you safe to me before many days shall have passed away. I am happy to have another proof of your love, but I knew at times you loved me. Still the past has often come up before me as you say it has with you. I have thought sometimes I would be willing to do most anything to blot out a few months of our past life. I feel a strong sensation while I write that your eye will never behold these few lines which causes my brain to grow dizzy and a faintness at my heart, and I can only exclaim in an agony of spirit — ‘God forbid!’ But in this, wise providence so order it that we may meet again. I will now retire after endeavoring at the throne of grace to calm my troubled spirit. Martha. (One thought cheers me ’tis darkest just before day.).”

Mary Lawrence did made no journal entries for Nov. 7-8, 1848.

Eliza Williams made no journal entries between Nov. 7-9, 1859.


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