Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | November 7, 2011

7th November [1846 and 1848]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [Nov.] 7th [1846]: “Cloudy and blowy all day had a hard shower just at night. The wind is fair and the ship goes very steady and I like it much better. So ends another [week] numbered with those that have already fled. I have completed the jacket and it suits nicely — My husband tells me he thinks the use of Tobacco is hurtful and he commences from this night not to use it which resolution I hope may be kept and is worthy of a place in this journal. So ends this week. No more tobacco to be used; good Mr. Brewster.”

Martha Brown, Nov. Tuesday 7 [1848]: “Near 11 o’clock at night. I have been spending the day across the way with Mrs. Bates, the wife of the Gentlemen who took the bundle to Lahine for you. I took his place last night with my boy, but did not rest much. Tonight I am at home [while staying at Honolulu], alone and lonely. Oh how I want to see you. I received a letter for you from home last night and am answering it tonight to send by the Thor — it sails tomorrow or next day. The babe is  not well tonight, I fear he is going to have the measles or whooping cough. I wish you were here for I want someone to lean upon — and especially nights, for you know I sleep so sound. But good night.”

Mary Lawrence did made no journal entries for Nov. 7-8, 1848.

Eliza Williams made no journal entries between Nov. 7-9, 1859.


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