Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | November 5, 2011

5th November [1848 and 1857]

Mary Brewster did not make a journal entry for this date in 1846.

Martha Brown, Sunday Nov. 5 [1848]: “Oh Edwin, how can I longer wait your return? Day after day passes away, and night succeeds night, but I am not permitted to clasp the object of my fondest affection. It has ever been so and will it ever be so. I trust not. What if I had remained at home? How could I have endured it? I feel worse now after being with you so long. They say absence strengthens love. Be it so. I miss you more after being in your society one year than I did when I had known you but four months. And if Capt. Cox speaks the truth, I think it is the same with your own self. He said you talked of me all the time, and said you never was so lonely before. I am glad that I have reason to think you love me still. Perhaps you will have some doubts in regard to my love when you remember the past, but I am happy to say since I gave my heart and hand — or in other words since I became your Wife, I have been all a wife should be. And if you could see what I have seen for a few months past of other men’s Wives, you would say, and that triumphantly , that you had a economical wife. If I do not earn, I do not stow away chest of cloths and things for the moths. But preaching is useless practice. Will be more acceptable, so good night, for the boy is nestling and it is past 11 o’clock.”

Mary Lawrence, [Thurs.] NOVEMBER 5 [1857]: “Just after the Harvest’s boat left us, it was discovered that there were two men on board who had secreted themselves. As we had lost five by desertion, we had no desire to keep the deserters of other ships. One belonged to the Harvest and the other to the Janet. As the ship Black Eagle was just going in, we sent them by her to their respective owners, and we then made sail for the New Zealand cruising ground.”


Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries between Oct. 30 – Nov. 9, 1859.




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