Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | October 27, 2011

October 27 [1846, 1848 and 1857]

Mary Brewster, TUESDAY [Oct.] 27th [1846]: “Light warm weather and calm. Have been cutting work and making calculations as to how much I should do the coming season if spared. Have read this evening.”

Martha Brown, Friday [Oct.] 27 [1848]: “Mrs. Gillet has spent the day with me. The Capt. came and dined at 4 p.m. The day passed very pleasantly. I completed a shirt for you. Mrs. G. put a boosom [bosom-starched front section of the short] in one for her husband. And the boy was two months old. Quite a chapter of events.I hoped you would come, but no, no Edwin has arrived yet. Mrs. Gillet expressed a strong wish that you might come before she left. They expect to sail next week. I anticipate going on board their ship, for they have been having a room made on deck, and perhaps my husband will be willing to indulge me with one if possible. I think it must be much pleasanter sometimes, and with a child, very convenient. Mrs. Gray had a nice cabin on deck furnished very prettily. Perhaps I shall have next time.”

Mary Lawrence, [Tues.] OCTOBER 27 [1857]: “Visited the Sailor’s Home. I received many thanks for the society in Falmouth, of which I am a member, for furnishing the room which goes by that name, being the first which was furnished by people at a distance. Mrs. Thrum, the lady of the house, thanked me, while tears were streaming down her cheeks to think that ladies so far off across the wide ocean should sit and sew for them that they might be enabled to make a comfortable home for the sailor. I was much pleased with what I saw there, and it appears to be as its name would indicate, a home for the sailor.”

Eliza Williams made no journal entries between Oct. 22 – 28, 1859.


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