Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | September 12, 2011

September 12 [1846 and 1859] and Godey’s 1865

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [Sept.] 12 [1846]: “Has been a busy day for me. Trunks, drawers, and band boxes with baskets have all had thorough ransacking. At 9 this evening my work is all completed and our clothes packed up and ready to be carried ashore. The weather has been very good with a light favorable breeze. At 6 PM saw the Island of Hawaii 25 miles distant, took in some sail and brought the ship aback till light.   LAT. 19.47   Long by Lunar 153.47, by Chronometer 153.25.”

Martha Brown did not make any journal entries from August 25 through September 26, 1848.

Mary Lawrence, [Saturday] SEPTEMBER 12 [1857]: “Saw whales today, but they were going very fast, and a very heavy sea. Lowered the boats but without success.”

Eliza Williams did not make journal entries on Sept. 10-12, 1859.

Godey’s Lady’s Book for May 1865

Plate 37. May 1865.

 Plate 37. May 1865. Fig. a. Light Russian gray silk, with blue silk bands edged with black lace. Gray silk tunic with blue silk in front, quite long in back, cut in points in front and trimmed with blue-and-gray fringe. The corsage has revers, trimmed with black lace. Fancy black-and-white lace cap. Fig. b. Coeur-de-melon silk dress, trimmed with a deep puff on the skirt, with scarlet velvet bands and loops. Guimpe has long puffed sleeves of French muslin and Valenciennes inserting.  Fig. c.  Buff poplinette dress, thick chenille cord trim. The skirt is edged with a fluted ruffle of black silk sewn in festoons. The hair is rolled from the face, and a bunch of curls conceals the front parting. Fig. d. Green spring silk figured with black. The skirt is open on each side, and a gore of white silk let in. Each side of the gore is trimmed with velvet braid in a Grecian pattern. Tight corsage with square tail faced with white silk. Purple silk bonnet. Fig. e. Violine silk dinner dress, buttoned down the back with velvet buttons. Skirt is edged with a plaiting of black chenille. Corsage trimmed with chenille and gimp ornaments. Matching petticoat with lace flounce.


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