Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 29, 2011

June 29 [1846, 1857 and 1859]

Mary Brewster, MONDAY [June] 29th [1846]: “At 8 this morning they got fast to a whale and at 10 AM to the ship, proved to be fat as any we had taken. We all begin to hope this is the beginning of good luck for us poor mortals. This forenoon I made some pies, sewed some two hours, commenced some edging, have written a letter and been busy all day. The sun has been out nearly all the time which makes it warm and comfortable so a fire in the morning is sufficient for the day. The whale birds have been round the ship all day attracted by the blubber which they greedily devour. To say there was a hundred would be a small number to the whole amount which I have seen. They stop around a ship as long as a piece of blubber can be found then leave and go in search of more. Day ends with fine weather.   LAT. 53.08.”

Martha Brown (1848) did not make a journal entry for this date.

Mary Lawrence, [Monday] JUNE 29 [1857]: “Lowered for whales again this P.M. Took one, and after killing him, had the gratification of seeing him go down to rise no more. We all felt much disappointed, but it could not be helped. Better luck next time — perhaps.

Eliza Williams, [Wednesday] June 29th [1859]: “It has been quite foggy all day, and some parts of it so thick that you could not see the Ship’s length. My Husband has been aboard of the Russian Brig. He heard from them that the Daniel Wood, the Thomas Dickerson, and other Ships are near us. According to their bearings, we are about three miles from the Island. Have been lying at anchor all day. Some large cakes of ice floating about. There has been no wind. The Ships have been answering [fog horns blowing] each other all the afternoon with guns, horns, and ringing bells. In the night late, we heard a fog horn blow from some boat. Then we heard them holla. We answered them, but found in a little while they stopped; I suppose that they found their Ship or someone.”

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