Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 24, 2011

24 June [1846, 1857 and 1859]

Mary Brewster, WEDNESDAY [June] 24 [1846]: “Have never seen so fine a day since we have been here as it was today. The sea very smooth and calm. So calm the waves that its appearance was more like glass. The sun shining in all her glory and beauty  and as far as the eye could reach nota cloud to be seen save a beautiful blue. The boats were off with their sails up, moving only as they applied their oars. How different the appearances on board our craft, what long and anything but placid looks I see. Well it is not to be wondered at, whaleman’s business is exciting  and vivacious. Plenty of fish but cannot catch them.   LAT. 55.30   LONG. 144.14.”

Martha Brown (1848) did not make a journal entry for this date.

Mary Lawrence, [Wednesday] June 24 [1857]: “Samuel went aboard the Dartmouth this morning to do a little trading. Captain Heath returned with him and stopped until after dinner. Four ships in sight, two chasing whales. We are very near the land. It presents a fine appearance to our gaze: ‘height above height in grand succession rise.’ Some of them bare and others covered in snow, Mount [Saint] Elias rising majestically in the distance. When I was a schoolgirl studying geography, how strange it would have seemed had anyone told me that I should view these places with my own eyes. We have very pleasant weather now, and I enjoy sitting on the house very much, watching the ships and whales. I am perfectly contented, and so is Minnie. occasionally a tear dims our eyes when we think of home and friends, but we know they are in the hands of an all-wise Father, and to his care we commit them.”

Eliza Williams, [Friday] JUNE 24th [1859]: “It has been quite a pleasant day, and almost calm. The Wavelet is in the distance, boiling [out the whale blubber into oil]. We saw one bowhead today but there was no chance to get him. We took up our anchor about 9 o’clock this morning and got under way. It was not much use, though. There was scarcely any wind. We let go the anchor again. About noon, the Ships (all but two) that were lying near us, got under way. It is quite warm weather now. Saw two boats coming towards us about 4 o’clock. We thought they were ours and ran up the flag, but they seemed to run off towards the shore. My Husband thought that they did not see the flag, and fired the gun. they were our boats and had been to the head of the Bay. They came aboard about 6 o’clock. They have been chasing Whales all day, but could not get near enough to strike. The Massachsetts boat fired two or three times at one and got him, and that frightened the rest. The wind is northeast today.”

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