Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 21, 2011

June 21st [1846, 1857 and 1859]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [June] 21st [1846]: “Awoke in the middle of the night and thought from the motion of the ship the weather must have changed. Found in the morning I was not mistaken as it was rugged and wind blowing hard. I got up as usual and there remained till 10 when being seasick I went to bed, took a book and attempted to loose my feelings in reading but that would not do, tried to sleep but the noise on deck which was that of stowing down was sufficiently loud to keep me awake. So I employed the time in vomiting and watching the time by the watch. Was glad when night came so all sounds would cease. Latter part of the day wind abated and I got up. Closes with it less rough.

Martha Brown (1848) did not make a journal entry for this date.

Mary Lawrence, [Sunday] JUNE 21 [1857]: “Lowered for a whale before breakfast but could not get near him. Shot at a finback from off the deck at noon. He turned up dead about half a mile from the ship, but before they could get a boat to him, he had sunk to rise no more. In the afternoon lowered for whales and got one. Got him to the ship about six o’clock and commenced cutting in [processing the whale blubber]. One may read every description of a whale that ever was given, but he can form no idea of one until he has seen it with his own eyes. Imagine a whale’s head to contain fifteen hundred pounds of bone and a tongue [which yields] ten barrels of oil. I think a Right whale is more wonderful than a sperm. Everything seems adapated to the purpose for which it was designed. Two ships in sight, gamming. We happen to be better employed just now.”

Eliza Williams, [Tuesday] JUNE 21st [1859]: “A very fine day, though it was quite foggy this morning. The Captains were here to dinner today. After dinner we all went on shore. I took the Baby, and it was very warm and pleasant on the beach. We went just around a point. Up in the valley and on the hills the tress are just putting out their leaves. I found some very pretty wild flowers and some nice mosses. All the trees that I saw were Hackmatack, Spruce, and Fir. We found a nice little brook and drank some water; it was delightful roaming around on shore a little while after being aboard of the Ship so long. I could not find any curiosities but there was a plenty of muscle shells. I sat down on the skull of the whale on the beach and saw a hut that some of the Whalemen had built to stop in for the night. We stopped a spell on shore and it began to get a little cooler. We came back to the Ship on account of the Baby. My Husband had gone aboard of Capt. Swain to tea. I have been on Siberian [Now Russia] land. The Midas, Capt. Tallman, came in this afternoon and anchored close by us, quite a near neighbor. The Florence carried away her foretopmast yesterday. The Java and the Wavelet have got, each of them, a Whale, the Wavelet a large one.”

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